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Pre- School Program

In our preschool classrooms, teachers and children are active partners in the learning process. This balanced approach to interaction between adults and children – also called “intentional teaching” – is critical to our effectiveness. This includes techniques for encouraging learning in specific content areas as well as strategies to help children resolve conflicts. 
The space and materials are carefully arranged to promote active learning. The room is divided into interest areas organized around specific kinds of play. Teachers give preschoolers a sense of control over the day by planning a consistent daily routine that enables the children to anticipate what happens next. Central elements of the daily routine include the plan-do-review sequence, small- and large-group times, greeting time and outside play both in our state-of-the-art playground and hands-on garden area.

The curriculum is built around activities in these main content areas: 
    - Physical development
    - Approaches to learning
    - Social and emotional development
    - Language, communication and emergent literacy
    - Cognitive development and general knowledge

Young children are growing fast. Their bodies need quality nutrition, fresh air, time to move, exercise and at least ten hours of sleep a day. Our daily routine includes family-style meals during which children are encouraged to try new foods and teachers talk with children about nutrition. Preschool children rest after lunch and many sleep at this time. It is our responsibility to provide a calm and quiet environment for the comfort of those napping. We make nap time restful and comforting by reading to the children, rubbing backs, or rocking them. 
Documentation of preschoolers’ growth and development is through teacher observations and completion of a checklist, parent completion of the Ages & Stages screening forms, and a portfolio of activities that includes samples of art work and photos.