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  • Court documentation
  • A government issued ID

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With the assistance of the Orange County Courthouse and the continued support of our sponsors, we will pursue our vision of helping parents care for their children in a fun and safe environment. 

What to Expect:

When caregivers drop off their children they will need to present:

Staff members will go over policy and procedure and caregivers will be asked to fill out an application. A Place for Children understands the taxing nature of court business and provides parents and caregivers a pager to facilitate timely pick up.

​Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks will be provided for all children in A Place for Children’s care. In keeping with Orlando Day Nursery’s tradition, children will have access to a playroom filled with toys and games, which will appeal to various interests. 
Hours of Operation Hours Monday through Friday 
8:00 am to noon
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
​For more information call (407) 836-2108 
A Place for Children 
Orange County Court House 425 North Orange Avenue Room 270, Suite 73 Orlando, FL 32801

How to Find Us:

The Orlando Day Nursery Presents...

A Place for Children!

The ODN is excited to announce that it has taken charge of “A Place for Children,” a free program that offers assistance to parents who have business with the court and who have no one to look after their children. 

Here are a few important things you should know about our new service!

Phone: 407-422-5291                      License # C09OR0158